The Mawji Family has come from humble backgrounds and understands the importance of giving back, both with time and resources.

With that in mind, we support Arts/Music, Healthcare, Education, Sports and do this locally, nationally and internationally.

Our goal is to inspire others to do the same, in whatever capacity they are able to do so.

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Investing in Entrepreneurs is very important to the Mawji Family. Our portfolio includes investments in Technology, Real-Estate (commercial) and Programming.

Social Impact Investing is very important to us and as such, ventures that have a clear social benefit will take priority for our investment dollars.

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Nurturing the next generation will ensure a better world for all of us. As such, the Mawji Family believes in giving their time to causes that will help build and grow current and future entrepreneurs.

We help by serving on non profit boards, setting up programming to teach and develop entrepreneurship and provide guidance as required to various institutions, agencies and organizations around the world. In addition, speaking at various conferences on these topics also helps spread this messaging.

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